Jenny Cat

Creative Director


Or so they say. This weekend, Dazed flew out to Lagos, Nigeria for the third annual MTV Africa Music.Or so they say. This weekend, Dazed flew out to Lagos, Nigeria for the third annual MTV Africa Music.









Zoe Strauss


Zoe is a brilliant and empathetic Philadelphia artist who finds beauty everywhere. Her work is both fine art and a document of our city's struggle with its own humanity. Check out her site.








Criminal Element


Criminal Element is your go-to site for all things suspenseful. Get the latest on crime and suspense books, movies and TV. Check out the site.







Wallace Stroby  

Author of Cold Shot to the Heart, Kings of Midnight, Shoot the Woman First

Author of the Crissa Stone novels, "crime fiction's best bad girl ever." 

Check out his site.







Megan Abbott  

Author of Dare Me, The Fever, The End of Everything, Queenpin, and more.

Everything Megan writes is poignant, dreamlike, totally original and deeply unnerving. I think she's her own genre. Check out her site.

Jon McGoran  

Author of Drift and Dead Out

Author of the deftly rendered and scarily plausible biotech-thrillers 'Drift' and 'Dead Out.' Check out his site.







Scott Phillips

Author of Ice Harvest, Rake, Cottonwood and The Adjustment

One of the most fearless and unpredictable writers around.  Check out his site.







Steve Weinik  


I first got to see Steve's wonderful work as part of the amazing documentary, "Resurrect Dead," about Philadelphia's Toynbee Tiles. Check out his site.







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Jim Baker  

Screenwriter, Journalist and Author of "The Empty Glass."

Jim produced one of the best noir thrillers of last year, a brilliant, haunted book about obsession, paranoia and the death of Marilyn Monroe.  Check out his site.







Jonathan Maberry  

Author of 'Rot and Ruin,' 'Dead of Night,' and the Joe Ledger series.

Jonathan is a bestselling author, brilliant guide to writing and publishing, and (just possibly) King of the Zombies. Check out his site.







"Raw and redemptive . . . a first novel that marks Tafoya as a writer to watch."-Publishers Weekly