Petty criminal Ray steals money and drugs from easy marks in the drug world and dreams of a better life with a new love. When he and his partner hit the wrong house, he has to fight to survive even as he tries to remake his life.


"Raw and redemptive . . . a first novel that marks Tafoya as a writer to watch."-Publishers Weekly





WOlves  of  Fairmount  Park 

When two boys are shot in front of a Philadelphia dope house the police need suspects, the families want answers, and the junkie uncle of one of the boys looks for a shot at redemption. 

"Classic noir readers will hope Tafoya is their guide through the mean streets for years to come." - Starred Review, Publishers Weekly

The  Poor  Boy's  Game 

Ex-fighter, ex-Marshall Frannie Mullen is forced to fight to protect her loved ones from the most dangerous criminal she’s ever faced—her own father.

"Tafoya delivers a gut-wrenching crime thriller as gritty and harsh as a Philadelphia winter." - Starred  Review, Publishers Weekly